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DVD Warnings and Splashes

These graphics are modeled very precisely on screens from actual DVDs and are extremely accurate. All are available as 720x480 lossless PNG files (that will scale correctly for rectangular pixels) ready for use in your video projects. The set also comes with fully editable Adobe Photoshop (PSD) project files (as well as full text files) to allow you to customize the splashes to meet your project needs. Delivery is via a 2.5 MB download. The link to the file will be automatically provided after the PayPal transaction is complete (e-mail me if it doesn't). $5 (USD)

FBI Warning 01

FBI Warning 02

FBI Warning New
NOTE: Theses images no longer contain the FBI Seal pending OGC approval. Please see the Addendum at the bottom of the page for an explanation.

Interpol Warning - English

Interpol Warning - French

Generic Warning

Parody Preview Ratings Screen

Parody Movie Ratings Screen 01

Parody Movie Ratings Screen 02

Created: 18 January, 2003  
Updated: 8 March, 2006  


If you are not immediately directed to a page with a link to the file to download, e-mail me (or call 352.216.7677) and I will provide you with the URL and/or simply e-mail you the files!

********** Addendum - November 1, 2007 **********

Although this FBI Webpage implies that " is perfectly fine for anyone, without FBI approval, to use..." the FBI warnings for legitimate purposes, some busybody on the Internet whined to the FBI and the Office of the General Council sent me a Cease & Desist letter, which I am, of course, complying with 100% by removing the FBI Seal from all documents on this site. It’s too bad: I was getting rich on this little scam of mine to the tune of $15 a week (in a good week, anyhow).

I understand that the FBI would like to“…[permit] the broadest possible public use of the seal by all individuals and businesses with a copyright interest.” And, of course, my copyright interests and yours are just as legitimate as anyone else’s, so we should be able to use the Seal. I also agree with the OGC’s reasons for restricting the use of the seal to legitimate uses only. As their letter to me states: “…the primary purpose of this legal restriction is to protect the dignity of the FBI’s insignia and ensure that they are not used for improper purpose[s] or in a manner that would confuse the public.”

So the Seal has been removed from my images and site. If you would like to add the FBI Seal back into these images yourself, you can do an image search on google for "FBI Seal" and find at least a hundred other non-FBI pages with the seal on it, used on everything from golf balls to coffee mugs, which, of course, are not using the Seal for anything other than completely trivial decorative purposes that do not in any way “protect the dignity of the FBI’s insignia.”

Of course, even though YOUR use of the Seal is probably more legitimate than decorating sports gear, you might be violating Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 17, but as long as someone doesn't report you to the overworked FBI and the OGC, you should be OK. > Media > DVD Warnings and Splashes